About Social Media for Faith

Social Media for Faith is my attempt, as an online teacher who has had to get to grips with Social Media, to give some of what I have learnt to the Church. I am motivated by seeing excellent endeavours which are poorly supported.

Social media is even more about being social than it is about classy media. Your videos will stop and buffer in rural New Zealand. Your low-tech comment can still warm a heart – be social first. Be the welcome your faith needs to send. You don’t even need to be the blogger, the group administrator or the page admin. Your response to someone else’s work can make it into a welcoming conversation that seekers can join, and that faithful people with flat batteries can be recharged by.

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. ~ Matthew 18:20

Our social media efforts must be supported by twos and threes who gather and actively respond in order to bring the warmth and comfort of faith to the silent visitor.

Find me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/sm4faith
Find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SocialMedia4Faith
Email me at mail4mary@xtra.co.nz


4 Responses to About Social Media for Faith

  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you for this site. I have read about your blog through Taonga. I am not an avid user of social media but am on Facebook and enjoy keeping up with news posted by friends.
    I am a secondary scho teacher back in the state system after being in an integrated Christian school. I worship with the community from Christchurch Cathedral but have no time for mertings outside Sundays I miss the opportunity to connect in discussions with people who share my faith. This blog seems a great way to recharge my batteries and feeling more connected.
    Bless you

  2. It is good to share insights about social media in the church context. St Oswald’s in Palmerston North (daughter church of All Saints) has just last month started a Facebook group and it has been a good forum to discuss issues of relevance to our community. The appointment of Justin Duckworth as bishop-elect of Wellington has stimulated many comments. While some may see it as a last gasp, desperate attempt to revive a dying institution, there are many more positive ways to view the decision. We are hopeful that this breath of fresh air may blow away some of the cobwebs in the church and help focus the church on the task Jesus gave it some twenty-one centuries ago.

    • Thank you! I’ll add the group to my list in Facebook to help others find it. Is it just for current St Oswald’s people, or can anyone with an association with your parish join it?

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